E-government, Innovation and the Freedom of Information Act

An executive program for public sector leaders


Program Overview

Government is the key driver of development in any nation, not by providing goods, services or employment, but by acting as an effective enabler of the private sector. Some conservative estimates have said that for every unit of efficiency or productivity in the public sector, the real sector of the economy responds 5 fold.

It is not a coincidence that the Asian countries who went on to create economic history between 1970 and 1990, deliberately created the most responsive civil service, that grew their economies from rural outposts to shining beacons of development through aggressive innovation.

This course is designed to improve capacity to innovate, to enhance the ability of public sector organisations to work with the private sector to create value for the public while improving revenue generation.


This program is an intensive course, held either at Sultan Maccido Institute or off campus and is designed under the principles of New Public management (NPM) and Digital Era Governance (DEG) to give Public Sector employees the skills and tools needed to approach their mission with the dynamism of agile private sector Companies.

The course also features special training on the Freedom of Information Act. The importance of understanding this law is crucial to enhance accountability and create trust between your organization and the general public. It is so important that Section 13 of the Freedom of Information Act Requires training of officials on the right to information and on the effective implementation of the Act.

Capstone Project: This program is designed to equip participants with mental and technical skills critical to function at the highest levels of productivity and dynamism, especially in view of the deep structural and economic changes Nigeria is undergoing. Therefore it incorporates a live test of the concepts being taught - integrating theory with practice.


Creativity is conceptialising new things. Innovation is applied creativity. A lot of ideas and concepts fly around in relation to any number of challenges facing organisations in the delivery of their statutory responsibility. What is usually lacking is the capacity to effectively identify the optimal solution, and harness available resources to achieve it.

The transition from creative ideas to innovative solutions is the focus of this program.

Value creation

Adding value is the principal mission of all organisations. For public sector organsiations the challenge is different from public sector organisations because value is defined not just from the financial sense but also in terms of public utility.

This course enables participants to define value from financial and utilitarian standpoints. And then they learn how to merge these two effectively.

Cost and intake

This program accepts participants four (4) times every year. In March, May, July and September.

The course fee is N42,000 per participant.

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